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Attn: USM students registered to vote on campus tomorrow for the presidential election:

Ballots being shipped to the campus were not delivered, and most likely, will not be delivered.

A protest is being organized for tomorrow for all disenfranchised students. please call Kim Dixon at 601-266-3385 for more information.

I got through to Kim finally. Apparently there was a SNAFU at city hall. If a resident wanting to vote on campus did not write down what dorm they were in, their application was rejected. Residents were never given notification of this with the powers that be giving the excuse of "not having enough manpower"

This apparently affects several hundred residents on campus who never received notice that their applications were rejected.

The Mayor is trying to work something out. Students may be able to vote by affidavit tomorrow--but with several hundred being in the same predicament, there is likely to be lots of confusion and some may still be unable to vote.

The protest will be downtown outside the couthouse all day for students to voice their thoughts and opinions.
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